Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Touring the Country . . .

Or at least, Barbour Publishing.

A group of us distinguished (??) writers visited by invitation, Barbour Publishing Monday.

Beneficial, fun, and exciting! Three words that describe the event.

Early in the year, Susan Downs (Heartsong Mystery Editor) asked if there would be interest in touring the facility. Would there? Oh, yes!! Date was set and anticipation rode high as the date neared.

Of course, lunch places had to be considered. Laugh. Priorities, and all that stuff! We chose a mom and pop place with delicious food. Fifteen of us (a few with spouses) gathered at Jerry's and had a fun time chatting (about writing; what else?) and laughing together. We even had the spouses talking about their writing, even though they're not officially members.

Then about one we entered the publishing house and was met by Susan. She's a gracious hostess who led us, after we'd filled out our name tags, to a big conference room, where she introduced us to the various department heads. They each explained what their department did. In addition, each of three main editors talked to us, explaining what they looked for in manuscripts.

Here's some requirements for this house:
  • Length
  • Interesting new topics to romance
  • Romance plot
Since they focus on romance, the theme from every book has to pursue romance. In other words, if you take out the romance and you still have a book, then they can't consider it. Of course, in the mysteries, the mystery is the big plot, but romance still plays a huge part in it.

We took a break, with refreshments of fruit, cookies, coffee and water, then enjoyed the tour through each section.

All in all, it was a wonderful opportunity, and I'm so thankful I went. Who knows what will happen from here on?

God doesn't ask about your ability, or your inability; He asks only for your availability. --Mary Kay Ash


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