Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Put Some Spring in Your Step

If you're like me, you've always got good intentions: for exercise. Sigh. But one thing after the other keeps interfering.

  • The electric ran in on my treadmill (don't say it, I know all about surge protectors!).
  • Too much traveling.
  • Too much cooking for others (temptation here, folks, temptation! Am I any better than our ancestor--what was her name? Eve, you say?)
  • Too busy. Hmmm. What's that say about me?
So, consider these suggestions. Just might work, for some of us anyway. Laugh.

Couches come in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials (two-seater model)

Get Off the Couch. You've had a long day, dinner has been cooked and cleaned up, and you've been looking forward to a good book all day. Great! Try completing one set of 20 lunges, squats, crunches, arm circles, or as many push-ups as you can each time you take a break.

Front-loading washing machine.

Use Your Steps. While you can probably lug your overstuffed laundry basket to the washer in one trip, you'll burn extra calories by making multiple trips up and down the steps.

Typical rolltop desk

The Desk Workout. To strengthen calf and ab muscles—and to help with your posture—sit up straight and squeeze in your stomach as you lift up on your toes to tighten your calves. Work the calf muscles further and shape up your ankles by stretching your leg and pointing your toes forward and backward 20 times, then circle your feet and ankles 20 times on each foot.

1896 Telephone (Sweden)

Stand Up. Whenever you pick up your phone, stand up at your desk to give your body a stretch and an energy boost. Try to keep files you use often in an overhead compartment for which you need to stand up or reach.

Chocolate ice cream in a "kiddie cup"

Give Your Car a Vacation. Turn an ice cream excursion into walk with the family. Walk to a store to pick up groceries and snacks. Visit a nearby playground with your children and push them on the swings or do pull-ups on the bars.

Quote: I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it. --Jonathan Winters



Sharen said...

LOL, That was good. LOL

Caroline said...

Smile. I know!

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