Thursday, July 03, 2008

Freedom Thoughts

Fourth of July is almost here. I thought about that and how much I enjoy the day. Then I thought what does freedom mean to me?

Here's some thoughts:

  • Our ancestors who fought and argued and stood and bore with "big deals" to gain what they considered freedom. I profit from that vision.
  • The boys and girls (men and women!!!) who go now to service to fight for what we have here in America. Many of them suffer: death, injuries--some they never recover from both mentally and physically.
  • Of the past Independence Day celebrations, with family and friends and people I love.
  • Knowing that year after year others I don't see often or can't see on that day are enjoying their day the same as I can and do.
I enjoy so much:
  • the right to be with people or be by myself. To have friends or be a hermit
  • the right to take up the profession I want to do, whether grave digger or NY stock investor
  • the right to worship God as I want. Or not.
  • the right to say what I want, within reason. Something that makes sense, or total nonsense.
  • the right to think and be and do. Or live like an idiot, too.
  • the right to drive a vehicle, fly a plane, walk, bicycle, ride a horse.
The right to be thankful or carry a chip on my shoulder.
The right to vote for who I think is the right candidate. And the right to say so.
The right to smile or drag my nose on the ground. Who cares?

This July 4th I give thanks for both the small and big pleasures in my life:
  • family, aggravating, refuse-to-listen-to-my-reason family, ugly, fat, skinny, beautiful family members. They're MINE!
  • awesome fireworks that light the sky and that tell the world "we're free."
  • Songs that give me peace and melancholy and happiness and thought.
  • Summer food like burgers and hotdogs and marshmallows and fresh corn and new potatoes and strawberries
  • A place I can call home.
  • A car that takes us where we want to go
  • a hubby who gives and cares and loves

Have a safe and glorious one!

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. --Chinese proverb


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