Monday, September 22, 2008

Gettin' Ready

Right now I'm getting ready to talk with more editors.

Of course, by the time you read this (I'm getting this ready for next week: see how thoughtful I am? Laugh.), I will have already "been there, done that."

But it won't hurt for you to read what's going to happen in your future reading material in my life, will it? Huh? Did that make sense? Oh, well.

I requested TWO editors this year instead of an editor and an agent. See, I've already got this terrific agent, so I needed two editors. Hopefully, I'll get my pick, but if I don't get my first two picks, the third and fourth ones aren't bad either. In fact, they're great too.

Besides, I can always hover in elevators, doors, lobbys and other such places editors are known to hide in (that's a joke really), and waylay them with my supreme pitch. It'll probably bowl them over, and who knows, I'll probably have dozens throwing themselves into a frenzy of a bidding auction trying to get me to sign on the dotted line . . .

(Oops. Forgot myself. You just got a private read into a fantasy of mine. LOL)

Agent Diana does want me to talk with one certain editor and that's on my priority list. Meeting with as many editors as I can cram in, is there right at the top. I'm anxious to meet with the other agents from my literary agency (altho Diana can't be there this year), and meet some of the other authors. Also, I'm excited (sort of) to get to see some of my critique partners and friends I've met. (Slowly, but surely: that's me. Sigh)

I mean, Oh, well.

Wish me a favorable trip and say a few prayers for me. I'll love you forever if you do. That's a promise. I also promise to never forget you when I get rich and famous, and to always sign my books for you, and to . . .

There I go again. Dreaming . . . or wait, maybe I'm prophetic.

Yep. That's it. I can see in the future.

Love you all!

Doubt is a pain too lonely, to know that faith is its twin. --Khalil Gibran


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