Friday, February 06, 2009

Updatin' You All

Again, I've been lax about getting blogs up these last two weeks. But . . . I think I've got a good excuse. HMMM.

Our electric's been off (growl) off and on for about a week. Now granted, that doesn't cover the whole two weeks, but it does some, huh?

Everytime I thought, okay, now to catch up, it would go off again.

Taught me one thing. I'm no pioneer. I'm afraid I like my creature comforts (sorry, bro. Laugh). I've done my share of camping out, and I grant you, it's fun for maybe a day, two, stretch it to even three days. But after that? I'm itching for my computer.

Yeah, I can do without the phone. No problem.
I can do without running water.
I can make do with alternate methods of cooking.

But light and my computer?

Don't make me do that again, please!

More tomorrow . . .

Always remember to forget the friends who've proved untrue. But never forget to remember those who've stuck by you!


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