Friday, October 16, 2009

Mrs. Deer

The Tale of the Deer and Two Humans

Coming home Sunday a week ago, we were making good time.
Sticking pretty close to the speed limit, not too tired,
and within an hour and half away from home.

We've traveled that route many times so we know to
keep a sharp lookout for all the deer.

We've swerved, stopped, gasped, stomped on brakes, and clutched dashes when they stick those dainty feet onto the road.

They peer at you with those doeful eyes like:
  • "Stop! I'm trying to get to the other side. Can't you SEE that?"
  • "No one will dare hit me; I'm too, too beautiful!"

I cringe when I see one--if I'm in a car.

That Sunday night (making good time)
we were in a left lane (three lanes), with concrete lane dividers separating us from the opposing traffic.

And it happened.
Yep, Mrs. Deer jumped that thing and landed in front of us.

  1. Now hubby could have swerved.
  2. He could have stomped on the brakes.
  3. Or he could have taken wings
    (like that ancient story about Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang--anybody remember that one?)

He did none of that. In a split second decision he knew that:

  • Traffic around us that would have involved the other cars if he'd swerved.
  • Stomping could have sent the car out of control.
  • And, unfortunately, we didn't bring our car wings along.

We hit the deer.

What did I learn?

  • I could have been killed and would have had about two to five seconds of realization.

  • The young guys acting like lunatics in the shabby vehicle following/passing/showing off, were really decent kids out having fun. They were good enough to stop and make sure we were okay.

  • To be happy we weren't hurt anymore than we were. Car hurt (light, grill, airbags, windshield), but so what? We're still alive!


Happiness is always an inside job!


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