Monday, October 12, 2009

Things I've Learned . . .

. . . that will serve as "Living Tips" for today!

I've learned that if you're the boss and you stop rowing, you shouldn't be surprised if everyone else rests too. (how true! how true!)

I've learned that everyone can afford to be generous with praise, it's not something available only to the well-to-do. (how marvelously wonderful!)

I've learned that what you are thinking, you are becoming. (Whoa! and ouch!)

I've learned that there's no substitute for good manners. (Is there anything more beautiful than a truly, well mannered person regardless of the situation?)

I've learned that it's harmful for parents to live out their athletic fantasties through their children. (or any other dream; let them do their own living and dreaming! Your job is to pray, encourage and hope!)

I've learned that you should keep your promises! (smile)

God's gifts are never loans; they are always deposits.



Diana said...

I like these Carole, I collect quotes as you know and these are worthy of the 'fridge' :-)
I especially like the one about Parents not living out their athletic dreams through their children. I am currently reminding my brother of this:-)

Caroline said...

I should have added another one:
I've learned I can't spell when I blog!! Sheesh! Fantasies one hundred times!

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