Friday, November 20, 2009

The Truest Friend

A dog is a comfort and ally in a sometimes unfriendly world.
A dog is a welcoming committee that lets you know you're home, all right!

A dog is the certainty that home is where you most want to be.
A dog is a chance to express yourself without the fear of seeming foolish;

A chance to share emotions that others of our kind too often repel--tenderness, outright joy, love.

A dog hears your secret needs and sympathethizes or artfully distracts you from your woes.

A dog defeats loneliness, defies unhappiness and teaches hard humans the virtue of play.

A dog gives you the feeling, however untrue, that you're worth his affection.
A dog holds to values this world has forgotten: duty, loyalty, respect.

A dog will obey you, bestowing upon a master power one's own children come to challenge.

Most of all, especially in times like these, a dog is the truest and most reliable friend.

God gave us our relatives; thank God, we can choose our friends. --Ethel watts Mumford


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