Monday, November 30, 2009

The Value of . . . Time

We're entering the rush season.
  • Merchants push us
  • Peers challenge us to do as they do, whether spending, decorating, or socializing
  • Our conscience prods us: be involved, do your duty, show your love
  • Spend time with kids, parents, family, friends, and church people

Go, do, be.

Whatever you decide to do this season, remember that time is valuable. Once gone, it never returns. Plan wisely, follow your conscience and God's will for YOU. Ignore the pressure of the season. Pick and choose. Enjoy the peace. Savor the quiet. Worship, laugh, love, and live.

  1. Time is money. We have no right to waste it.
  2. Time is power. We have no right ot dissipate it.
  3. Time is influence. We have no right to throw it away.
  4. Time is life. We must value it highly.
  5. Time is God's. He has given it to us for a purpose.
  6. Time is a sacred trust. we must answer for every moment.
  7. Time is preparation for eternity. We must redeem it.

Got no checks, got no banks. still I'd like to express my thanks. I got the sun in the mornin' and the moon at night. --Irving Berlin



Diane said...

thank you for the good reminder of how to "spend" out time wisely. Hope you have a wonderfully productive week! :O)

my new website is

Caroline said...

Thks for reading the blog, Diane. And I'll try to ck out your website soon! :)

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