Friday, January 08, 2010

What Am I Doing?

I didn't really make any New Year's Resolutions.
But I DETERMINED (smile) to:
  • Do some new things.
  • Pick up some old things.
  • Learn and apply.
  • Enjoy life more.

Here's my list for now :
Reading: "A Stray Drop of Blood" by Roseanna White. The book is a Biblical historical set in Jesus' time. From the first, Roseanna caught my attention, and you gotta be good to do that. (smile). By the way, Roseanna is a critique partner. She has a unique, quirky style in many of her books that I love! This is an intense book that is guaranteed to be a keeper.

Pictures: Went outside yesterday and took pictures. Love my camera. Out of ten, twenty pictures, I usually come up with a couple of excellent. Check out my Sweeties album on facebook to see a few good pictures of my pets. Taffy is a total sweetheart. There's something about Mackie's face that tears at your heart when he looks at you. My mother said he's ugly; I told her, he's got an adorable face. Only a mother could love . . . and all that stuff.

Learn and Apply:
  • Learn some techniques on the computer that I need to know. Do it!
  • Already uploaded pictures to facebook that I've been putting off.
  • How to keep from burning out.
  • How to plot in advance to writing a book.

Old Things:
  • Finish editing writing manuscripts.
  • Finish new manuscript that needs the ending and editing.
  • Plot some ideas.
  • Learn to balance life better.
  • Keep promoting my fellow writers, especially those who need it worse, or for some other reason I resonate with.

New Things:
  • Write at least one new book this year. Maybe more.
  • Sign several book contracts this year, which will make not only me happy but my hard working agent.
  • Keep using Doug Varrieur's book: From Fat to Skinny! (Great book to help you get in physical shape, and that means mental shape too!)
  • Love more. Watch what I say more. Smile more.
  • Volunteer more which I've already started. Asked to be put on the volunteer list of ACFW. Ran for secretary of ACFWOhio.
  • Check out and establish a blog/website for abused women and children. Or come up with something even more effective.

Then I want to spend more time with God, trust him more, love him more. I want to appreciate the friendships, the family, I have more. I want to make my life count more. . .

Will I succeed this year? Who knows? But if I shoot for the stars, I'm sure to hit the moon. Smile

The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every morning.



Donna Alice said...

Sounds like some great resolutions to start the new year. I like the idea of learning to do new things on your computer. Feeling proud of myself for cleaning up my email inbox today. Does that count?

Caroline said...

Sure does. What ever we do that helps us progress toward our goals. :)

Jeanette Levellie said...

These are excellent goals, Carole. May the Lord reward you for seeking after His kingdom.

Audience of ONE

Mid Stutsman said...

Oh Caroline, I'm so glad you found me!!! What a blessing to now have you as a writer friend!!


Caroline said...

Jeannette, I hope so!
Mid, you're already a blessing to me. :)

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