Monday, January 18, 2010

A Writer Must Be Willing To . . .

be taught.
  • Mentors.
  • Critique partners.
  • Workshop and conference leaders.
  • God.

Here's a variation on the Psalm 23, from Henry Van Dyke, that I kind of liked. Hope you enjoy it.

He leadeth me in the lowly path of learning; He prepareth a lesson for me every day. He bringeth me to the clear fountain of instruction; Little by little He showeth me the beauty of truth. The Lord is my teacher.

I shall not lose the way. The world is a great book that He has written. He turneth the leaves for me slowly. They are all inscribed with images and letters; He poureth light on the pictures and the words. He taketh me by the hand to the hilltop of vision; And my soul is glad when I perceive His meaning.

In the valley, also, He walketh beside me. In the dark places He whispereth to my heart. Then, though my lesson be hard, it is not hopeless; For the Lord is patient with His slow scholar; He will wait a while on my weakness. And help me to read the truth through tears.


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