Saturday, February 06, 2010

Important Stuff
  • The winner of one of Linore Rose Burkard's books was . . . Casey Herringshaw!

  • Read the comments under Sharon Elliott's interview to find out more about the fantastic award she just won from her publisher! She's the gold recipient in the Mom's Choice Awards in the category of Parenting-General!!!! Sharon's the author of Raising Boys for Jesus!

Coming . . . Coming! Roseanna White's interview on Wednesday! And does she have a wonderful basket of goodies to give away. Her book, "A Stray Drop of Blood" is one of the best I've read. Watch for it!

  • If you know of a teen who's interested in writing, have them check out Stephanie Morrill's new blog for teens. Writing advice, questions answered, and a cool place for teen writers to hang out. Check it out at:

Have a great weekend!

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