Friday, February 19, 2010

Pluggin' Away . . . I mean, Writing

  • Writing is glamourous.
  • I've got this great idea. You want to use it for a novel?
  • Aren't you published--yet?

Things aren't always what they seem.

Such as:
I've been re-editing three novels--again. SUCH AS:

  • A minor readjustment to my historical suspense to tone up the beginning hook. Hmmm. A week's work to get it in satisfactory condition. Mine, that is.
  • I'm almost done with my contemporary mystery. Several areas that needed touched up.
  • A contemporary romance that needs lengthened: still needs completed.
  • Then back to my women's suspenseful fiction. Almost done. Happy sigh.
So, is writing glamourous? Maybe, occasionally, when an award is won, contracts are accepted, reviews are outstanding, novel hits bestselling lists.
Go ahead and tell me your idea, but no promises. There might be a ton of books out there with the same idea.

And the question about publication. Well, if you know writers, you know that we can't let it go. It may take a year, or five, or ten or twenty.

But writers don't quit. That's why we get satisfaction out of writing. For ourselves, for friends and family, for God. And, hopefully, the world too.

Quote: Things are beautiful when you love them. --Jean Anouilh



Trinity Rose said...

I really enjoy your blog. You are an interesting person.
Look forward to more of your posts.
Trinity Rose aka Wanda

Would love for you to be one of my followers. I'm very new at this. Will start reviewing books in a week. Thanks,

Caroline said...

Trinity, Thanks lots. I'll be glad to be one of your followers. I'll ck it out today. :)

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