Thursday, May 20, 2010

Review of Abbie Ann
by Sharlene Maclaren

From the cover: When an unexpected incident virtually catapults Noah Carson into Abbie Ann Kane's life, the two feel an immediate attraction that Abbie works hard to ignore. After all, Noah is not a committed Christian, nor does he seem committed to marriage, considering his divorced status. Still, Abbie finds herself drawn to him--and to his son. Will the independent abbie trust the Lord and surrender to His surprising plans?

My thoughts: From the first, Noah caught my attention. I suppose from the horrid things he'd faced: betrayal from his closest friend and wife, loss of all he'd worked for, and the sudden pressure of being a single parent. I loved his obvious attraction to Abbie Ann and how he tried to ignore it, his reunion with his drunkard father, and his complete change of heart once he'd made the decisions he needed to make. He was a contradictory male: confident in his abilities one minute, fighting to keep his chin up the next when events in his life seemed overwhelming.

Abbie Ann was a different story. To me, she was a harder person to love, but she did grow on me. I enjoyed watching the softening of her spirit, although she didn't lose that spirit that was very much a part of who she was. Her determination to keep the presidency of the local women's rights movement showed that she was a strong woman and very outspoken. I liked it when she and Peter parted ways, liked it even more when she fell so much for Noah and his son, Toby, that she gave up that presidency.

All in all, Sharlene kept her promise of another well-written romance story. She's a talented author, and you'd do well, if you enjoy romance, to acquire this third book in the Kane Sisters series (along with Hannah Grace and Maggie Rose).

Much blessings!


SHARLENE said...

Hi, Caroline! Wow, I just want to thank you for the nice review of Abbie Ann. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment on the book. I so appreciate it.

May the Lord bless you! (Love your blog, by the way!)


Caroline said...

Thanks, Sharlene. You're a great writer!

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