Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Morning 
Peace . . .

In the words of Inez Marrs, there is "Indisputable Evidence" that spring is here.

In the blaze of crimson sunsets and the pastel dew of dawn
In chocolate clods of earth and every chartreuse lawn;


In the trees' bud-swollen branches
And dandelions' lace,
In hyacinths' obeisance
And tulips' erect grace
In every lilac cluster and sprig of mignonette,
In each intrepid crocus and timid violet;

(My bluebells and pink bleeding hearts)

In pink-fringed apple blossoms and the pansies' playful faces,
In dogwoods' pearly whiteness and magenta redbud laces;

(Ah, some of my favorites!)
Spring once more has come to earth,
There's proof in nature's art,
But better proof I have within,
Where spring in in my heart.

Quote: Write so heaven will be different. --Lee Roddy



Lisa Lawmaster Hess said...

What beautiful photos, and what a lovely spring post! Thanks for sharing.

Christa said...

Lovely pictures! Havent been checking blogs lately--trying to catch up! Loves ya!

Caroline said...

Thank you gals. Flowers are some of my fav things. :) Wonderful to hear from you, Christa!

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