Monday, July 26, 2010

My Monday's List of Gratitude

A wonderful, faithful husband
Two sons who love us and respect us
A mother who is still my friend
Hubby's mother who knew how to advise when asked
Families who love even when we don't agree
A beautiful home even if it's not a mansion
Friends who are there when I need them
My husband's ministry that has blessed me
The memory of dads
My Lord and Savior who loves with the best love of all.



Karen said...

My gratitude list today would have to include a sweet friend who listed my blog as suggested reading in her interview on Hartline's blog. Thank you so much. You gave great ideas for blogging!

Linda Wichman said...

Caroline, you said it, beautifully! It'd serve our souls well, if we each took a moment to list the ways God has, and continues to bless our lives! He is a mighty God!

Arlene said...

I liked the blog for today Monday 26th. Arlene

Yumanbing said...

... and wonderful brothers :)

Caroline said...

Thank you, sweet friends. :)

And I am thankful for ornery brothers who I love very much!! LOL

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