Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December Contest for My Followers!

Whooee. What a month! But . . .

December 24th has come and gone, and I put all those names into the "hat." And some of you went in several times because you commented several times (THANK YOU!). It's always so agonizing for me to do this. I draw name(s), then stare forlornly at the other names I haven't drawn.

I say, "How can I not pick their names: those precious ones who follow my blog?"
I pray, "Father, please let names be chosen of those who most need this win."
I brood, "Is there someway to pick ALL these names?"

I'm such a softie! Smile.
Cause I love all of you.

So, enough moaning and groaning (on my part).

Without anymore to do, here are the results:

Kelly Massman
Tiffany Harkleroad
Jeanette Leville
Miss Kallie
Trinity Rose
The Unsell Family

Amazon $5.00 gift cards
Check your emails! You should get them soon!
Camille Elise
Linda Kish

Story Downloads
These four will get their choice of story downloads:
Karen K
Debra Collins


The following ones will get one story download (my choice or author's choice):
Charlotte Kay
Apple Blossom
Cherly Eklund

  • I will be sending emails today to all winners. (if you see your name on this list & don't receive an email, please let me know)
  • You have ONE WEEK from today (Wednesday, December 29, 2010) to claim your prize by sending me your snail mail address or responding with an email.
AND . . .
Those who didn't win--well, don't despair!
I'm putting together another super giveaway for Spring! And those who didn't win get their names put into the "hat" automatically! How's that for fun?

Wonderful New Year's blessings, beloved followers!
Again, thank you for being so faithful to my blog!


Kelly Massman said...

Thanks! I sent you my address! Happy New Year!

Linda Kish said...

Thanks! I love to shop on

Happy New Year!

Charity said...

Thanks so much Caroline! Will wait for your email:)
Take care!


Charity said...

Hey Caroline, I haven't received an email so maybe it was another Charity? I noticed you said to email you if we hadn't received and email. Just let me know:)


Jeanette Levellie said...

Thank you so much, dear friend. I am a softie, too, btw. And so is God. So, you're in good company!!!


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