Friday, January 07, 2011

Be An Adventurer!

We all go through hard times. I read this some time back and thought it might give you a little inspiration. Enjoy!

From Julia Cameron, The Sound of Paper:
For an artist, "I don't know" is the hard time. It is the season between seasons when you are not sure what you are making and if you are making anything worthwhile.

All artists go through seasons of rooted joy and seasons of rootless restlessness and doubt. It goes with the territory. If we knew, always, what it is we know, there would be no new land to push forward to. We would do and redo what it is we do -- and that is not the artist's life. Ours is a life of invention.

Invention demands that we expand our creative horizons. This is not always comfortable. We are called to write, paint, dance, and sculpt new territories. We are asked to explore new forms, to willingly relinquish the old, safe, and familiar. In short, we are asked to be explorers, pioneers, traveling always toward and past the known rim of our universe.

Go exploring today! Look for something you've never seen before. Relinquish the safe and embrace the uncomfortable.

Blessings, you wonderful artists!


Patti Lacy said...

Thank you, Caroline. I LOVE that Julia Cameron quote and have enjoyed several of hers on the internet though I've never read her work in a volume.
Is she also the Julia Cameron that was a photographer?

Pat Rowland said...

I haven't read this author's books but see after reading the review, I should. And will.

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