Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Peace

Love Your Life Through

Love is the only undying thing in this world and, perhaps, beyond. Love for our nearest kin and then for all mankind. Love satuates all human effort. It seeps into the beauty of flowers, the song of birds, and in fact,all nature. The great trees whisper it to one another, and the silent clouds against the blue of the sky intermingle. It is tossed from star to star in the firmament.

Everything beautiful in this life is seasoned wth love, the love between each other and the love of God. Without love this world would flounder. There would be no meaning to anything. There would be no hope to which to cling. You can't see love, but it is forever present where the human heart beats to the rhythm of all life.

Love is eternal. It changes individual lives, for it is a guiding force that is from everlasting to everlasting. Love is never wasted. It wraps itself in garments of the purest gold. It gives light to all the world. Love your life through and you will have proved immortality!  And also . . . happiness.

Love can always find its way. It lives in the light and doesn't know darkness. Wherever love is manifest, there are stationed refreshments for the soul. Every phase of love is spread out for our mental, physical and spiritual good. We can be assured in all that we do if we will love our way through. How easy it is to scatter love along life's main highways!

--George Mathew Adams


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