Thursday, April 14, 2011

Are You Ready?  

Beginning May 3rd and going thru most of the month, I'll be holding a
 Huge Giveaway on this blog for my followers!

What do you have to do?
Simple stuff!
  • Comment and leave your email address as many times as you want on any post throughout contest period. EACH time you comment, your name will be entered again to receive a book!
  • Link to my blog & announce this contest and rules on your blog, FB, Twitter, wherever: just make sure you let me know! :)
  • Encourage someone to follow my blog & let me know who they are.
That's it!

Books, books and more books. I'll be giving away at least TWENTY books; maybe more! One of them could be YOURS.



If I ever run any kind of contest, giveaway, whatever on here
and you DON'T receive your book/gift,
I can't correct the problem if I don't know about it!
Thanks for your faithfulness!


Winner for Cathy West's book: Renee Ann
TWO Winners for Tina Pinson's books: Kyndra and Maria J
Winner for Naomi Musch's books:  Wanda



Eddie Snipes is celebrating the release of his book with giveaways (including a Kindle) on his website (time is limited):
For a moment, Michael danced on top of the world, but one bad choice turns his life upside down. The once promising Broadway star now washes windows for tips and lives among the homeless. When his former dance partner recognizes him behind the fray of whiskers, shame drives him away from her. Angry at God and the world, the Dancer refuses to allow anyone into his life. When everything is stripped away, three things remain: faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love.
I Called Him Dancer is a story about how one woman’s enduring faith and unconditional love drives her to reach out to a homeless man who has given up on life




Sharon Elliott, April 20, interview with a giveaway
Shelba Nivens, April 15, guest blog
Aaron Gansky, Aprl 22, guest blog with a giveaway
Eddie Snipes, April 27, interview with a giveaway
Linore Rose Burkard, April 29, guest blog

Don't Miss Them!

1 comment:

JoyAveryMelville said...

Hello, Caroline;
I had to check out your interview with Eddie - I've just gotten to know him as a friend/author over the last two to three months. His book is tremendous and what depth to his characters!
I enjoyed interviewing him too.
Your blog is fantastic - I'm so impressed by all you've done with it.

Joyfully becoming a follower today!

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