Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review of Susan Sleeman's Behind the Badge

Your sister is next! A killer is threatening the life of rookie cop Sydney Tucker's sister--unless Sydney turns over evidence from a drug bust. But she doesn't have the evidence. Not that the thug believes her. Now she and the sibling in her care are under the watchful eye of Logan Lake police chief Russ Morgan . . . but will his protection be enougth? The killer is closing in, picking off the people and places that mean the most to Sydney. Alist that now includes Russ. To protect her loved ones, will she pay the ultimate price--her life?

Susan's written another winner! From the first page that captures the reader and keeps them turning pages to the end, the plot is fascinating. Her beginning was particularly good. I love a good scary chase and feet crunching leaves and underbrush looking for the protagonist: reeled me into the book.

Anyone that is thrust into taking care of someone else has my sympathy. Sydney, caring for her sister, a newby cop, and attracted to a man she'd known since school days. immediately has us rooting for her. Russ, on the other hand, fighting to keep his job, in leu of others who'd wanted it, and struggling to overcome a murder he'd seen from his past, is big and tough and handsome as can be. Their personalities are a perfect match!

The setting is superb: a town named Logan Lake, a lake, woods with fog and an overbearing councilman and sheriff. Just the place for a madman who's fixed on the protagonist giving up something she doesn't have. When Syndey makes a drug bust, the antagonist targets her as the person hindering him in his business. Add to that, the threats he's making against people she loves, and her own tortuous problems, and it all sums up to a great plot, setting and story.

The action begins from the beginning and doesn't stop until the last page is read. Along the way, Syndey and Russ settle their problems, admit their love, and learn to trust.

If you want a superb, fast-paced suspense, then you'll want Susan's "Behind the Badge". Another great Love Inspired Suspense novel.



Karen said...

Sounds interesting. Thanks for the tip!

Faye said...

Big supsense/romance readers are in my family. Sounds great!

Jeanette Levellie said...

Suspense is my favorite genre. Diana says it ranks #1 with pastors and their wives. I guess we like justice served in the end, and wrongs righted, but I think it's because we can get our agressions out in a healthy way by reading all those pretend murders!Ahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for the book I won here; it came in the mail two days ago. You are sweeter than a blueberry pie!

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