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Guest Blog by Author Ann Gabhart

February always makes me think of roses and hearts, romance and love. Ann's giving away a copy of her book, Words Spoken True, to one person.  But you must comment and leave an email address!

Enjoy Ann's post . . .

Romances to Remember
by Ann H. Gabhart

Don’t you just love a great romance story? Romance has been in the air ever since Adam was lonely in the Garden of Eden and the Lord gave him Eve. I can see Adam searching out the prettiest flowers to bring to her.

We need romance in our life. It makes the days brighter and the nights sweeter. And books more fun to read. Some romances are so much a part of our literary background that you only have to mention the names to conjure up the romantic scenes. Romeo and Juliet. Rhett and Scarlett. Anthony and Cleopatra. And from the Bible, Jacob and Rachel or David and Bathsheba.

What makes a romantic couple unforgettable? Passionate love and obstacles. The course of true love never runs smooth. I think Charles Dickens was the first one credited with saying that, but it’s been something many writers have used to their advantage. Take a woman and a man and have them fall madly in love. Enter the writer who throws complication after complication at them until the reader fears that the characters’ love is impossible. Then again, perhaps we shouldn’t put all the blame on the writer. Life can throw complications enough at us and that’s what writers try to do – present life in fictional form.

That’s what I intended to do with Words Spoken True. I took a slice of history, 1855 in Louisville when many of the citizens were very concerned, even fearful, about the increasing immigrant population. The newspapers wrote editorials worrying that the many Irish and German newcomers were going to take over the country once they obtained the vote. A political party sprang up to try to exclude these immigrants from holding office. So I dropped my characters down in the newspaper business and made my heroine, Adriane Darcy, an independent thinker who cares little for the social customs of the day. She only wants to keep helping her father get out his newspaper and stay the number one paper in Louisville. Then Blake Garrett comes to town and takes over a rival paper and becomes their main competitor.

Naturally, when the two finally meet at a benefit tea, the attraction is immediate. Ah, but there are complications. He’s the enemy who’s trying to destroy her father’s newspaper. She’s engaged to Stanley, the son of a socially prominent man running for office – a man her father owes a great deal of money. Blake’s bringing a new style of journalism to Louisville that includes headline stories about a serial killer. Adriane’s determined to beat him in the headline war even if she has to chase down the headlines herself. Her father keeps pushing her to marry Stanley. Blake’s determined to stop that from happening. On a terrible day in Louisville history known as “Bloody Monday,” Adriane and Blake are forced to make some dramatic choices. And the romance and obstacles escalate.

Words Spoken True is the most romantic story I’ve written in years. My Hollyhill books had a sweet romance line running through all three books, but it was just one thread among several story threads in that family drama. Then my Shaker books were definitely historical romances, but with the Shakers’ beliefs that all should live as brothers and sisters and that romance and marriage were sinful, the forbidden romances had to sneak into the story. With those books, I kept my readers wondering how the two main characters would ever be able to find romantic happiness or if they would. In Angel Sister, the mother’s and father’s romantic beginnings are a parallel story to the family drama as they work their way through obstacles to their happiness then and in the present time of the story as well, but again that’s only a part of the book.

But with Words Spoken True, I was able to let the romance take center stage. The historical background is there. The newspaper background is there, but so is the romance with plenty of obstacles that I hope will keep the readers turning pages to see how it all turns out in the end. Here’s a bit of what Camillia, a reviewer for Long and Short Reviews had to say about the story.

Ann Gabhart weaves a beautiful tapestry of a tale with the golden thread of love shining among the varying dark shades of evil in political corrupt, prejudice, and disregard for human life. The iridescence of Adriane and true blue of Blake woven in with the golden thread make a beautiful design, while the pastels of society ladies create part of the landscape design that seems to get mixed with the dark designs of evil. However, some of the secondary characters have varying shades of golden threads, some rather tarnished and some finely polished with age, and some even a little dirty and unpolished, but they enrich this compelling story.

You can read the entire review at

If you read Words Spoken True, I hope you’ll be rooting for Adriane and Blake to find true love in spite of all the obstacles springing up to keep that from happening.

So what are some of your favorite romances?

Thanks for reading. If you want more of a peek at Words Spoken True you can check out more about the book on my website,

Lots of way to come visit me. So come on over, and we’ll sit down and have a cup of tea together before I have to get back to writing.

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Linda said...

I had no idea that in 1855 they worried about immigration issues. What a background for your novel. It's a hit with me. Please enter me.

My favorite romance so far is Julie Lessman.

desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

Jeanette Levellie said...

OH, this sounds lovely! I'd be so happy to win it--I enjoy stories where the hero and heroine are rivals.

Please enter my name, and thanks for your generosity, Ann!

jeanettelevellie atgmail dotcom

P.S. My favorite romances contain a mystery as well as love. I love to try and solve it!

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Thanks, Linda, for your comment. The background of Words Spoken True is very dramatic and something a lot of people don't know about.

Julie Lessman can write some great romances, can't she?

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Hi, Jeanette. Thanks for reading my post. I think you will enjoy Blake and Adriane when you get a chance to ready their story.

I also like romances that have some mystery involved or that history background.

Carmee said...

I am a fan of Ann's writings and blogs as well. I love historical romance and would love an opportunity to win this title.
Thank you both for this giveaway.

Carmee Ross or

Anonymous said...


Angie Adair said...

My favorite book romance is Francesca and Robert from Bridges of Madison County. Just love their story.

Judy said...

I would love to win a copy of Words Spoken True. This book sounds so good. I have read Ann's Shaker books and loved them. I also loved Angel Sister!

I love many romance stories. One of my favorites is, Gone With The Wind.


Angie Adair said...

My favorite romance is Francesca and Robert from Bridges of Madison County. I love their story. This looks like a great book.

Julie Lessman said...

ANN!!! OMG ... Words Spoken True sounds WONDERFUL!!

You said: "But with Words Spoken True, I was able to let the romance take center stage."

Honey, you had me at "romance"!!! :)

Can't wait to read it!


Ann H. Gabhart said...

Carmee, it's fun to see you here. Thanks for your comment and reading my books too. Good luck in the drawing.

Ann H. Gabhart said...

I like romance in my stories too, Angela. And Angie, you picked a romance that captured the imaginations of a lot of readers when you remember those two characters.

Good luck in the drawing.

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Judy, you're such a great reading friend. Thanks for traveling with me to different setting for my books. I dedicated my new book to readers like you who have followed me from Hollyhill to Harmony Hill to Rosey Corner and now to Louisville.

I appreciate you!

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Julie, what fun to see you here. Linda says you are her favorite romance writer. So that's got to make you smile. And everybody else rushing out to get your books.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you do think Words Spoken True is romantic when you get a chance to read it.

by Pegg Thomas said...

I love books that take a true issue from history and build a fiction story around it. That's my favorite reading!

A favorite love story of mine is a movie, The Quiet Man, with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. It's set in Ireland, not a John Wayne western!

twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

Carol Reed said...

Ann Gabhart is a wonderful storyteller. I'm looking forward to reading Words Spoken True and an autographed copy would have a very special spot on MY bookshelf!

lorlyn63 said...

I enjoy books set in the 1800's and if it has romance and mystery all the better. I love historical romance set in the West as well. This sounds like a good story and one I would enjoy. Please sign me up for your giveaway and thank you for the opportunity.

God's Blessings,


beemama said...

For romance to me you can't beat Ruth and Boaz. He loves and and cares for her even though she is not of his background. He offers her protection and provides for her food even before she knows it. What a story!
Your new book sounds like a wonderful read. I really enjoyed the Shaker books and would love to read this one.

Anonymous said...

This book looks great!
Looking forward to reading it!

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Hi, Pegg & Lori.

Pegg, I love stories wrapped around a historical setting too. Hope you'll like mine if you get a chance to read it. Neat pick for romantic story. Not sure I've seen that John Wayne movie.

Lori, my story does have a little suspense and mystery although I didn't really attempt to make it a who done it kind of story. Just will he be caught or stopped in time - that is the question. Western settings are popular right now, but most of my books have Kentucky settings. You know, that write what you know bit. I did write a cattle drive story once, but it never found a publisher.

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Hi, Carol and beemama.

Thanks to both of you for reading my books. Love what you said about me being a storyteller, Carol. That's what I want to do - tell stories.

The Bible has a lot of great stories, and you're right, beemama, about Boaz and Ruth's story being a great example of love.

Good luck in the drawing.

Lyndee said...

The 1800s are my era, lol. I am excited to read that the romance in your book is the main feature. I've read a few lately that seemed more plot driven then romance. I have so many favorite authors though. Don't know where I would begin.

Thanks for the opportunity to win your lovely book.


Pam K. said...

The more I read about "Words Spoken True" the more I want to read it. I'd love to win a copy.
Thanks for telling us about the book and for giving one away.


Debbie Dulworth said...

Looking forward to reading Words Spoken true. Love to climb into history and learn more, especially with the romantic ambiance.

Thanks for this opportunity.

Hugs and prayers,

Amy R.S. said...

This book sounds soooo good. I have read several reviews of this book and all are excellent and make me want to read this book. Please enter me. Thanks.

sweetdarknecat at gmail dot com

Sharon said...

Ann - Love romance books. Our book club is reading "Pearl in the Sand" by Tessa Afshar. Along with the romance of Rahab and her husband, it is really a love story about how much God loves us and pursues us.

smoore at tcq dot net

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Thanks, Lyndee and Debbie. I like reading stories set in the 1800s too. Guess I must like writing them as well since all my Shaker books are set in the 1800s. Romance is something that can happen in any era.

I too have a lot of favorite authors. Hope you both like Adriane and Blake's romance when you get a chance to read the book.

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Hi, Pam and Amy. So glad the reviews you're reading are encouraging you to want to pick up my book. You never know about reviews and some authors refuse to read them at all. It can be discouraging if the reader doesn't like your book. But likes and dislikes in reading are such individual tastes.

Hope the book will be one you both can enjoy when you have the chance to read it. Good luck in the drawing.

Ann H. Gabhart said...

Sharon, those kind of love stories are best. The ones that reflect the love of God for us. Thanks for sharing what you're reading. I love book clubs!

karenk said...

i so look forward to reading your latest novel, sounds fabulous :)


kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Anne Payne said...

At heart, I'm a diehard Jane Austen fan, so my favorite romance written by her is Emma! But I love to read today's historicals because the authors weave so much history into them, I always end up learning something I probably should have learned in school :)


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