Friday, June 15, 2012

Special Dads

Unique Gifts for Dad:
* Gourmet cheese
* Gift certificates for a day/weekend of fishing (golf, etc) at a special place (paylake, etc.) or even private memberships to club houses
* A day alone

Or . . .
* a wallet made of baseball leather (really!)
* a book about his special interests
* if bird watching or walking is his thing, try a nice pair of binoculars. He'll love them.
Or he might even enjoy . . .
* An IPad keyboard case (if he doesn't already have one)
* Some REALLY good preshaving oils and/or razors

And if he loves to cook:
* A super great, interesting and easy cookbook!
* A do-it-all Expresso Maker
* An all-in-one barbeque tool (goes from tongs to fork to spatula)
And for the journalist or storyteller or yarnmaker . . .
* a soft, beautiful leather journal. (Not only a gift for him, but memories for you to read too!)
* a casual summer hat. Walking hats, fedoras and flat caps are nostalgic for the older gents and fun for the younger! Great for sitting in the sun (or shade) while writing in his journal, or reading his new book or drinking a cup of expresso coffee or watching a bird or . . .

Love the fathers!

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