Friday, December 14, 2012

Three Very Special Christmas Blessings

Christmas is ALWAYS special to me. That's why I wanted to share three special Christmas blessings to me:

Here goes:

A special ornament: This is probably my oldest ornament and a very much loved one. She's a bit ragged with a hole in her belly and a missing wing, but she did her duty topping many a tree in our early years. Now she's relegated to somewhere else (since a bigger, fancier angel's taken her place).

Homemade goodies: and that includes hams and chicken noodles, sweet potato casseroles and scalloped corn, cookies and special treats. Treats you don't fix every month of the year and some old stand-byes that faithfully feed us all through the year. All of it special cause I can share it with friends and loved ones.

And a first time Christmas blessing: my grandson, Jonathan. What a delight he is to us. We can't thank God enough for bringing him into our lives. Every minute we share with him is a joy.


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