Wednesday, January 09, 2013

On Passionate Writing . . .

Charles Dickens said:
Make them laugh,
make them cry,
and make them wait.
That's passionate writing.
Books that make me laugh are some of my favorites.
They take me to an imaginary realm
where my own cares are forgotten
for just a tiny bit of time.
They relax me.
Renew the spirit.
Books that make me cry evoke feelings of deeper emotion. Somewhere deep inside me a need,
perhaps a problem,
or a worry
empathizes with the tender moment,
the danger,
the victory.

How do you feel about passionate writing?


1 comment:

Penny McGinnis said...

I love that quote, and this is so true. Touching the reader's emotions speaks of the staying power of the story. I enjoy the humor and the tears.

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