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Review of Dreaming of a Father's Love by Sharon Lavy

Back Cover Blurb:

Sara Brubaker was two years old when a German Baptist couple adopted her. She has become a beautiful woman, and works as a secretary for Alexander's. Now she's torn between wanting to live in the normal world of fun and fas
hion, or joining the Dunkards to truly belong with her adoptive family. Birdie Alexander thinks if she works at the family business hard enough and long enough she will gain her father's love. Can she learn a thing or two from the German Baptist secretary? Irene West is Birdie's lifelong Sunday school friend. Irene misses having a father figure around, and is very boy crazy, which causes Birdie to struggle with the friendship and Irene to struggle with life. Will Birdie overcome her self-righteous nature before it's too late—for Irene?

My Take:
Have you ever read a book, that the farther you read into it, the more absorbed you became?
That's what happened with Sharon Lavy's "Dreaming of a Father's Love" book. I loved the title, the book cover, but wondered where on earth she was taking this story. I found out and was pleased. The story left me with a satisfied, fulfilled feeling, and I love that!
Birdie (Roberta) Alexander is a determined, smart young woman who--whether she knows it or not--takes after her adored father. Matching wits with him sets a stage letting readers know only two possible outcomes can occur.
I enjoyed too--and I was so afraid it wouldn't happen in a successful way--Birdie's character development. That made the story!
One thing I want to bring into this review was the very well written descriptions of the church affiliations. Rather than a tedious explanation, I was pulled into the ceremonies and customs of the groups. Learning the whys enthralled me and gave me a sense of understandng. I'm so glad she didn't give into the temptation of leaving these out as so many writers do today, fearful (and probably true in many cases) of losing the interest of their readers. To me, Sharon's church function scenes were important in bringing life to the story. 
The secondary characters added additonal interest to the story plot. I could feel the emptiness in Birdie's friend, Irene's life. Sara, I didn't get until I realized the underlying problem in her heart was solved the way it should have been. Do you hate deaths? We all do, but Sharon set one character up in such a way that it was almost expected.
All in all, this is a keeper book. If you love character development books, books that leave you with an all around good feeling, then you'll want to get this one.
Thank you, Sharon, for making it available!
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About Sharon:
Sharon A Lavy lives with her husband in SW Ohio. When not reading, writing, or sewing for her family, she enjoys traveling with her husband in the small plane they call Charley. She is best known in the novel writing community, as that German Baptist lady. In the Old German Baptist community she’s a dressmaker, a pattern maker, and the sister who writes. And in her own mind she’s a wife, a mother, and a grandmother, but above all a child of God. ~~ Her greatest desire is to be a woman after God’s own heart~~ Sharon has a heart for hurting women, and writes women’s fiction. Because when~~it’s all said and done~~It’s all about relationships. If you enjoyed reading this book, would you be so kind as to post an honest review? WordServe client since 2012 Member: ACFW, RWA, FH&L Website/Blog:
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