Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Potawatomi Boy by . . .

Lisa J Lickel, illustrated by Brenda Hendricks

Short Blurb – 
Green Leaf’s cousins are all older than he and don’t like to play fair. He longs for a friend his own age he can play with, explore and fish with. When he meets a Luxembourger boy, Henri, Green Leaf is sure they could become friends, but Henri’s words are strange to Green Leaf. How can they play and explore together? 
Green Leaf’s mother says, “Friends learn to speak one another’s words.” But will Green Leaf learn to say his friend’s words well enough to save Henri when he falls into danger?

Link to Kindle: http://tinyurl.com/q86n4lc
Also available in print from online retailers or from your favorite bookseller. $5.95

A few words from Lisa:
Ten years in the making, The First Children of Farmington series of early reader books has finally reached book sellers.

I spent two years researching and writing this series. Several years after I worked with other community historians to collect and record our early pioneer history, I realized that we had quite a diverse ethnicity to Farmington, Wisconsin. Although these stories are based on real people and real events, they are representative of issues and struggles and joys families face every day everywhere.

The Potawatomi Boy is a character with a running thread through all the books. When I first started out with the project I was taking classes from the Christian Writers Guild. I set out to put together a series of picture books and connected with a couple of different artists. I wrote the text, but learned over several years that it’s harder to get the attention of a publisher for children’s books than it is for adult books. I’d never considered self-publishing, but through connections with my current illustrator and publishing partner, Brenda Hendricks, and others at the John 316 Marketing Network, learned a lot about not only self-publishing options, but how to publish well. 

The second book in the series, The German, is now available, as well, about a curious young girl who becomes lost while searching for the family cow, and the third book, The Saxon Boy, about a young boy who must learn to accept a stepfather, may be out by Christmas. I was quite surprised and pleased to have won a prestigious Jade Ring award for the Saxon Boy from the Wisconsin Writers Association. The other three stories, The Yankee Boy, The Irish Girl and The French Girl, are planned for release in 2014.

The books include references, glossaries, and special illustrations and a picture search. They are suitable for early to middle grades, ages 7-9 or so.

* * *
My Review of the Potawatomi Boy
A lovely children's story filled with pieces of information that are creative and helpful in learning. Loved the simple little story of two different cultures becoming friends, and Brenda's sweet, informative and colorful pictures added the right touch of interest. Loved, loved, loved the activities and the word definitions, the glossary and the informaton about the months.

Well done, Lisa! This is a book all families should have in their libraries.

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Blessings, readers!


Sherry Carter said...

I sent the Amazon link to my daughter. I think this would be prefect for my grandson who will be 4 in Feb. Thanks for reviewing it.

Lorilyn Roberts said...

I already got my book from Amazon and look forward to reading it.

Lisa Lickel said...

Thank you, Sherry, how sweet.

Lisa Lickel said...

Thank you, Carole, for hosting me!

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