Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Peace

Go Into All the World and Preach the Gospel.
--from the gospel of Acts

  1. I'm not a minister
  2. I have no clue how to preach
Reasons to act:
  1. Time is short
  2. We're responsible to do what we can do and what we know how to do.
What do I mean?
  1. God doesn't leave us empty-handed. He gives us all a talent to use whether it's a prayer warrior, an encourager, a listener, a speaker, a writer. 
  2. Life is short; we should use the time given us to minister to others.
  3. Sharing gives us satisfaction and peace; why not do it then?
How can I personally do this?
  1. God gave me a talent: writing. I need to utilize this as much as possible. 
In The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman, I encourage others to sympathize and act on that sympathy by helping other hurting people. It can, if allowed, help those who've suffered abuse to face their past, allow God to heal them, and become stronger individuals.

In my new mystery series, there will always be love at work in the midst of the detecting. In Hog Insane, the first book, Alex and Denton, the main characters, learn that each must put the other first. They learn what is truly the most valuable things in life, and there love grows stronger because of their fears and actions. Those with troubled marriages can do the same if they allow themselves to.

     2.  Work beside my husband in his calling doing what I can, and because of my writing talent, I can talk to women about using their own talents. I can write rewarding novels as God leads to share to others that they may recognize God as their Savior and to uplift, to encourage, and to strengthen others to do their best.

By using our personal talents we are going into the world as we know it and "preaching" the gospel. Who can say what impact we have? 


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