Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Warm Welcome to Fellow Author, Michelle Dennis Evans

What inspires you? 
That’s a very broad question! So if I can answer it quite generally … Life inspires me. Where people come from, where they end up, crazy situations that seem hopeless but somehow God turns around miraculously to be something beautiful. I take those situations and let my imagination create characters and possible situations that might cause a person to get into that situation… I’m constantly inspired by the people God brings into my world.

Your second novel is about to be released in paperback, could you tell us a little about the uniqueness of Spiralling Out of the Shadow? 
Sure, this is the parallel story to book one in the Spiralling Trilogy. After writing Stephanie’s story in Spiralling out of Control, I needed to know more about Tabbie, Stephanie’s best friend. Tabbie is relentless in sticking by her friends when they take different paths to the one she is on.

Who would like to read Spiralling Out of the Shadow? 
Everyone who loves to read realistic stories. This novel isn’t as dark as Spiralling Out of Control yet it still deals with very real issues. A main themes is - unconditionally loving your friends even when you don’t understand why they do what they do.

Do you like to write in silence or to music? 
Ah, great question! I sway between both. Some days I’m so highly distracted, I flit from page to page and surf the internet. On those days to pull myself back in, I put on my Creative Mind playlist ( This is a list of songs I’m forever adding to and deleting from.  When I’m in the last phase of editing, I tend to read aloud and that’s when I need silence. (One day my kids will understand this!)

How do you manage your time homeschooling and writing?
I constantly remind myself that my family and children are my first ministry, and writing is a gift that I love to explore. I tend to write at night after the family is fed and watered for the day :D Some days I juggle well and other days I drop balls all over the place.

Thanks for joining us, Michelle. Best wishes on a successful launch!


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