Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crazy Wednesday!

This month makes me crazy!

Especially this Wednesday.
I'm on top of the world 
looking down on creation
(dating myself!)
but who cares?

Loving the cool nights
warm days
Little Jonathan's sucessful potty training

Loving the visits to pet store 
feeding the koi
holding the baby animals
listening to the loud-mouthed parrots
dreaming of my garden pond
seeing the children's excitement!

Blake and Wesley's finished softball
Moving on to vacations
with mom and dad or
gramps and grandma
Caves and oceans
mountains, fun parks, museums, adventures

loving the swimming creatures in the pool:
white, tan, and human
boys, men, women
grandsons, sons, daughter in law, hubby

Summer here
Cookouts galore
camping nights
boat rides full of exciting sites
fishing with family

families working together
playing together
learning, studying, enjoying

Crazy, crazy summer nights
and days
and life. 
Today's one of those crazy days. 


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