Thursday, November 13, 2014

Searching for Christmas Gifts . . .

LOVE for you to check out these wonderful books from the authors of the John 3:16 marketing group. You not only get a list of some great ones, but some bestsellers to compare them to! 

Hurry, hurry!

Get a Head Start on Your Christmas Shopping
Sometimes it's hard to pick out
Christmas.15.jpgnew books from unknown authors,
yet we all long to find fresh treasures
to add to our Kindles or our bookshelves.

BEll.jpgWe have compared books 
that you may not have discovered
with more well-known books 
that have a similar style or flavor.
Enjoy perusing these 40 plus books which are linked to Amazon for easy purchase.
And don't forget,
Jesus is the reason for the season.
Merry Christmas! Christmas.9.gif

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