Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Twelve of my Favorite Things This Past Year

I'm hosting a series of "The Twelve Whatevers of Christmas Time" through December. 
To start, here's a list of Twelve of my favorite fun stuff this past year leading up to Christmas!

In no particular order:
Wonderful inspiring Easter services!!
A fairly early spring--was so ready for it.

Fun times at the lake house
Special times with grandson Jonathan
Watching family swim
Vacation at the ocean
Nice times at camp in August

Camping in October--short but sweet memories
The passing of a beloved sister in law but knowing she was ready
Autumn, a good Thanksgiving (yes, we had to have ours early) and the prospect of a good finish to the year.

Last but not least:
The release of one of my favorites I've written: With Music in Their Hearts
Realizing anew that I can truly trust God for the results.


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