Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday Morning Gratitudes

Memories . . .

  • of the first time I held my firstborn son and the rapture I felt
  • of him sitting beside his daddy while he read to him and the tender heart he had at the sad places in some of the books
  • of the joy when my second son was placed in my arms and how much I adored him
  • of his adorable pout
  • Oh, how mischievious they were!
  • their cute bib overalls
  • their love of Lassie our dog and her protectiveness for them
  • how the neighbors watched their antics and laughed
  • of the poem one neighbor wrote about us.

Life is good.



Sherry Carter said...

This made me smile!

Caroline said...

Me, too, Sherry Carter!

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