Sunday, January 03, 2016

Sunday Morning Peace

If God  Chose

If God sought for men of strength,
Look at Samson standing there,
As poor Lazarus, sick and trembling,
crawls away in sad despair!

If God only sought the worthy,
Perhaps--Timothy--who can tell?
But this takes all hope away
From the woman at the well.

If God  chose just the tall and handsome,
Saul he'd choose, we all agree.
But poor Zachaeus, short and homely,
Would be left up in that tree.

If God chose just the wealthy,
Joseph He could surely use,
But the lad with loaves and fishes,
I'm afraid that He'd refuse.

If God looked for those with wisdom,
Solomon could pass the test,
While the man possessed with devils
Is refused his deep request.

But his call to men is always:
"Come ye, whosoever will,
From the least unto the greatest,
Come to me, I love you still!"

Moral of the poem?
God loves us and wants us to use the talents he's given us! 



Patty Kyrlach said...

Great message in that poem. I'm glad the invitation is for "whosoever will."

Melissa Henderson said...

Amen. God created us and gave us wonderful talents. I am thankful to be able to use those talents to glorify Him. Happy New Year!

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