Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Down Memory Lane: The Older Versus the Younger

Our boys were just tots--little things. 
We'd moved to a new location, 
with my husband beginning a new pastorate
 in nice little community with a good church. 

There was a sweet park with plenty of children activities provided,
including swings, slides and a fun-looking fire truck.

Stepping onto the park grounds, 
we set the boys on their feet to toddle toward
whatever toy activity that caught their eye,
their dad and I on their heels for protection and guard duty.

Our youngest son, barely over one year,
moseyed away,
but the three year old--
then cried,
refusing to take a step,
refusing the fun ahead of him,
refusing to enjoy what we'd offered.

We still have no clue.

Son #1 has always been confident in his own decisions.
He's always seemed to be friendly and outgoing, smart and discerning.

Was it the newness of the place?
Had he sensed something wrong, out of place, different
that perhaps we, adults, had not?

We'll never know.
But as a lesson,
it tells me, that we are sometimes afraid 
of new things,
different things,
unknown people,
and paths we've not trod.

with a certainty and faith
we can trust God,
the all-seeing,
all-knowing God.
Who always has our backs!

What strange thing has your child done in the past that makes you wonder 
why he showed such out of character action?

Happy memories!

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