Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Writing a Book and All that Jazz...and April Contest Question Two!

"I can write a book."
"I have an idea. Can you use it in a book?"
"Anyone can write a book."


What does it take to write a book? (Now remember, I'm basing this on my own experience. Other authors may have different takes on the subject):

  • A knowledge that this is something you are supposed to do. From a child up, I've loved reading and writing. Research (a most valuable tool for writers) is a pleasant "job" for me. After several years of the writing experience, I can sense that it's what I am to do.
  • Perseverance. Writing a book is a tough job. You have days with no enthusiasm, with weariness or focusing on the page in front of you. There are times when your mind is blank, when it all seems rubbish. But a "real" writer knows you have to persevere to overcome all. Write, even if it has to be deleted tomorrow. Write when it seems it's all wrong. JUST WRITE!!
  • For me, knowing this is what God wants from me. I've learned to worry less about how much money I'm making or whether I should be promoting or advertising more, and try to lean on what I feel God would have me do today, tomorrow and next week. Trusting that my writing labors will prove encouraging and entertaining to someone is worth it all.
  • The willingness to do what it takes to produce the best writing I can. That means improving and learning from others, research, study, conferences when possible, and classes as able. All of this helps me grow in my work.
  • Determination to never, never, never quit. Some find it easy to give up when the pressure is on, when the book doesn't get published, when life interferes, when people criticise your work. There will always be naysayers and critics. You can't let anyone discourage you if you're totally convinced this is what you're to do. 
  • Realize that you must find and travel on YOUR writing journey. Mine is not someone
    else's. Yours won't be either. The enemy would have us look at others and envy their journey, but that's not what God wants. Be careful not to fall into that trap. Experience your own wonderful life as a writer, whether it be multiple books published or one, whether you gain tons of money or none and whether you reach thousands of readers or one and two. Be grateful for the talent and bask in the knowledge that you're following on the path our Lord would have you do. 

Be blest as you seek the path you should walk. Remember, never, never, never quit!

Happy writing!


Moody April has arrived. 
One day, sunshine and warmth, 
the next, rain or snow and dreary clouds. 
REMEMBER, Two things:
  • YOU MUST ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS OF THE MONTH to be considered for the monthly prize. And...
  • You MUST check back here on the last Wednesday of the month to see if you've won. I will usually share the blog link on my Facebook author page but it's YOUR obligation to contact me here on the blog with your mailing information (or you can let me know you'll share it with email or private message on FB. 

April's First Question:  
What is your favorite SPRING flower and does it have a significant meaning to you?

April's second Question:
Do you ever read the last page of a book FIRST?

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Kim hansen said...

And ruin the surprise ending. NO way. cheetahthecat1986ATgmailDOTcom

Christina Ratliff said...

1 my Favorite spring flower is a Daffodil because they are so pretty and its a good sign spring is here. 2 no reading the end first reins the book

Lucy Reynolds said...

Never, that would be a crime punishable by death. LOL

Teresa Pollard said...

I love when the azaleas bloom. They just dress up my house like it’s ready for a prom. And no, I never read the last page first. Where’s the fun in that? It would ruin the whole book for me.

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