Friday, July 30, 2021

Rambling Friday: Mouse...or Cat?

The question was...

should I use a MOUSE (my intended creature) in the first book of The Nursery Rhyme series:  

Catch Me If You Can or...

a CAT? Especially a special cat, like a Savannah cat? 

Because an editor suggested women don't care for mice (really?), I took a poll. sigh. It was decided (by me) that another creature would be best for the story. So I did some research. Then some more. I finally decided if I was going to use a CAT, then I wanted to know the personalities, and well, more about them. I considered a couple different ones. Then I ran into the article about Savannah cats. How sociable, how intelligent, and their unique personalities, and I was convinced! 

A Savannah cat was the choice. It made perfect sense. Having two older brothers (well, one is a twin), who liked to tease her (like, all the time), giving her a Savannah cat would be the ultimate tease for a sister who was loved by both brothers and a grandfather. BOET! And I'm dearly afraid he may end up being the star of the book! 

For a chance to win a Kindle copy of Catch Me If You Can, comment below. Author's discretion on giving away a copy, depending on how many entries. 

1 comment:

Lori R said...

I think you should use a cat.

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