Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Serious Wednesday: Include Christmas in Your Next Novel

Whether you love or hate Christmas, for writers, it's an opportunity to share some joy, happiness and
perhaps write with a different perspective than where your usual writings take you. Here are some very good reasons to write with a Christmas theme or background or even as part of your plot: 

1.  It helps to increase your reader audience. Readers love Christmas-themed books. Christmas books look great on store shelves and attract attention. By writing a Christmas-themed book, you will possibly draw new readers who will follow you through the rest of the year, reading your other books. 

2.  There's a huge demand for holiday-themed books. The colorful festive books with their shiny snowflakes and fancy script titles are hard to miss. They line bookshelves over the holidays and scream for attention. There is a big demand for these types of books, and if you're trying to make a living at writing, then Christmas is the perfect time to release a holiday book. Shopkeepers are looking for these type of books to sell that fly off the shelves. Why not capitalize on this opportunity? 

3.  If you approach it right, writing a Christmas-themed book can put you in a holiday mood. Admit it, from Thanksgiving on, life is busy and can be stressful, but having a Christmas book release kind of gives you a sense of happiness and peace. Just knowing that you've fulfilled and shared some joy to readers should, in return, fill you with a sense of completion. 

There are a lot of good reasons to write a Christmas book, and these just touch the surface of the why. I would encourage you to give it a thought. You might just come up with the perfect plot! 

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