Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Monster-sized bats with red eyes that attack humans?
Nah. At least Denton doesn't think so.

But when RV trouble forces them to stop at a dilapidated town called West Santina, 
Alex and Denton find themselves right in the center of a dangerous plot. 
With one attempted murder and a murder on their hands, they're hard pressed to trust anyone. 

Could it be the back-slapping mechanic who definitely isn't what he seems?
Or maybe the grouchy mayor is behind all the random acts of violence?
Or it could be the supervisor of the newly opened caverns? 
She's snotty and unfriendly and blames everything on her assistant Anne.

The Bat Clan and all the teen-aged batlins.sure are creepy.
Their crazy activities are enough to cause anyone some sleepless nights.

Bones and bats, painted symbols and hooded figures.
A wheezing worker and a cavern guide who wants help but isn't very helpful
are the least of the Davies trouble in their new adventure in New Mexico.


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Ann Ellison said...

I will be watching for it. I am looking forward to reading it.

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