Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sunday Morning Peace

What's more fun than:

Ball icon by pitr
Bouncing a ball?

Playing a long forgotten game--like jacks?

Riding a bike with grandchildren?

Swimming Pool background
Splashing in a pool?

Taking a little walk?

Enjoy the rest of summer
Thank God for the day!



Sherry said...

Being awakened by two giggling grandkids!

Caroline said...

that's such a good one, Sherry! One of my favs. Recently I went to son #2's house to watch the boys while parents worked. Jonathan said, "We'll take a little rock, Gwanma." then later after he spotted a rock, "That's a special one, Gwanma." He's also teaching me to ride a bike again. Lol. That is certainly fun!!!

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