Friday, November 17, 2006

Ten things I hate . . .

1) Boring people. Definition: people who run on and on about what they like to do, what their interests are with no thought that everyone, including me, is tired of hearing about it.
(Wait a minute . . . no one's tired of hearing about my writing, are they? I mean, what else is there to talk about?)

2) Picking green beans from a garden. Mom made me do that when a kid, and I despite the task to this day. Moral of the story: don't make your kids do what they don't like to do. They'll hate it to the day they die. (Somehow that moral sounds a little off. Maybe I'd better change it. Hmmm.)

3) Wet clothes. Oooooo, I hate that clammy feeling!

4) Ill mannered people. Anytime, but especially drivers. Irritating and frustrating. I'd like to take them aside and teach them a thing or two. But who am I?

5) People who don't try to use their potential. What a waste! Life is too short. But then when did I finally learn that? Didn't I think I'd live forever at twenty?

6) Complainers. Let's not even go there.

7) Show don't tell people. Guilty as charged. I hate it that it's easier, and much simpler to show me than to tell me something. I guess that makes me pretty thick headed, huh?

8) Leaves in my garden pond. I positively, eternally, and passionately hate those beautiful fall leaves falling into my beautiful pond. If I'd only get on the ball and buy that net I keep thinking I'm going to get. Hubby did have a pretty good substitute idea. Maybe I'll use it--next year.

9) Pickled pig's feet, hominy, hair in my food (ask me about a certain fast food chain!), fat on meat, skin on meat, fries that are not fresh (I can't help it if they hate to see me coming, can I?), flies in my food (ask me about another food chain!), mud (most of the time), dirty cars (ouch!), being poor (anything under a million is poor, right?), being unpublished (like the little engine that thought he could, I say over and over: I think I can, I think I can. Someday. Soon?), worry, unfinished tasks, being late, a bad story, biased media coverage, illness, and problems.

10) Death. Thank God we've got a spiritual insurance coverage for this! But it's our enemy, and I still hate it. Methinks God made a great promise when He said no more death in heaven.

There you have it. My first No. Ten list. More some other time.

A couple of things. After Thanksgiving, I'm thinking about running a contest. Wanna win some chocolate? Details soon.

Secondly, next week being Thanksgiving, I'm not sure how much I can post. Probably at least Tuesday and Wednesday. Maybe another day. So . . . I'll talk to you whenever! Grin.

Have a fabulous holiday!

A quote to make you think:
Most of us would rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism. --Norman Vincent Peale

Who, me?

Blessings for a wonderful pre-Thanksgiving weekend!

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