Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ten Things I Love About Thanksgiving:

Here we go:
1) Good and plenty of food (see below -- big grin)

2) Pretty decorations

3) Pumpkin pie

4) Stuffing

5) Family around me

6) Friends around me

7) Time off from work (although I really enjoy my work, it still gives me extra time to get some things done at home)

8) Time to relax

9) A time to appreciate my blessings

10) Time to work on my mss.

Happy Thanksgiving!

A beautiful and simple Thanksgiving centerpiece to make:

3" to 4" mini pumpkins in the colors of your choice
Candle tapers about 10" in fall colors
A sharp knife
Ribbon, raffia, or floral picks

Cover work table or counter with plastice or old sheet
Cut out the stem from the top of the mini-pumpkins, a hole about the size of your candles
Pull out the stem and discard
Insert a candle taper into the hole

Cut a length of several pieces of raffia about 12" long and tie around the base of the candle
Tie a colorful ribbon around the base of the candle
Insert small stems of seasonal flowers or leaves around the base of the candle
Tuck short picks of fruit or berries around the base of the candle.

Always keep the mini-pumpkin candleholder on a small plate or piece of plastic on the table so it does not leave a ring on the wood.
You'll need a very sharp knife with a point to cut into the top of the pumpkins. They can be very hard. Be careful and always cut away from your body.
If you cannot cut into the mini-pumpkin, let it sit out a couple of days. They tend to soften a bit.
You can easily insert place cards by cutting a straight slit across the top of the pumpkin.

Enjoy the compliments!

If we learn how to give of ourselves, to forgive others, and to live with thanksgiving, we need not seek happiness. It will seek us.

Thanksgiving blessings.

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