Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What Shall I give for Christmas?

A listening ear to the friend with a heartache.
A thank you to the tired salesperson who serves you.
Laughter to brighten a less-fortunate's life.
A kiss and a hug for a handicapped child.
Time to read to the sightless.
An act of kindness to the shut-in.
A cheery greeting to one who is ill.
A smile to the elderly person who is struggling to walk.
A written message to a lonely one.
How simple our Christmas shopping can be this year -
And every year - when we give gifts of the heart.

What shall I give?
Extra love to a rebellious child
A foot rub to a wonderful hubby
A smile for someone hurting
A hug to my sweet mother
A spoken word to those who are hard for me to like
A bit of time to that young person wanting my help
A pat on the head to an affectionate pet
A thank you to God for all His blessings upon me.
May God give me the wisdom and strength to know and enjoy what is real and what is the tinsel of unimportant.

Christmas hints:

1. Look around in each room for items the color red or green. See those gift bottles of red peppers? Grouped together with some green and/or red ribbon or garland and even a strand of lights or some candles, they will give warmth to a table or a mantle.

2. Have a marble collection? Take out all the red and green ones and put in a clear bottle, vase, or jar. A strand of lights nearby would be a pretty enhancement and adds a sparkling glow.

3. Pretty bottles filled with punch, etc., or other items, wrapped with festive ribbons could be used as decor and you have an instant gift for friends or family that drops by.

4. A frugal decoration is to use synthetic strands of Christmas ivy bought at last years after-Christmas sale. Remove the red holley berries and use the garland as a year round mantle decoration with lights behind it and perhaps a snow globe collection in front. Adding the red berries will give back it's Christmas charm.

5. Pillows or throws will add to your personalized Christmas decorating scheme.

6. A fireplace or hearth is made festive by adding candles and greenery. Putting the candles on a mirrored base will create a peaceful and pretty atmosphere.

Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call His name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. --Matthew 1:23 kjv


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