Thursday, February 15, 2007

In This World for What?

A long time ago I heard my mother say something like this: She had no talents and wasn't very useful in this life. Ha.

1) She's a mother. She did her best. Although I tease her now about some things she did, I believe she loved us and did her best to raise responsible adults. (At least my bros; not sure about me! Grin!)

2) She's a grandmother. Now, to me, this is where she really shines, and I'm speaking from my perspective only and using only my family as an example.

My boys think there's nothing like their grandmother. I tease them that they love granny more than their mother. They just grin. She's there for them. Fusses over them. Worries about them. Mends, feeds, and loves them. Isn't that something special?

3) She's a friend. Besides mine, she has several others that she keeps in contact with, encourages, checks on, prays for. She has a real ministry with these people.

4) She's a friend of God's. She has an intimate relationship with the heavenly father. I feel comfortable in sharing a concern with her.

Useless? No talent? No. I don't think so. Anyone who can be a real mother, grandmother, and friend has certainly accomplished something in their life time.

So that leads me to the title of today's blog: In this world for what?

What's your purpose of being in the world? What's mine? I can't answer for you, but I certainly can give it a shot about mine. Tomorrow, if I feel like it, I'll ramble a bit about that. Till then . . .


It's not too late to do something special for someone this month! Try these suggestions:

1) Bake! Brownies, cookies, candy. What's better than homemade?

2) Sav-a-life Wal-Mart! Find some sparkly candles, decorated and pretty ones. Include a nice holder.

3) Pick out a picture frame and place a favorite picture inside. Lovely.

4) Or choose carefully: Wal-Mart has inexpensive live flowers.

The good for which we are born into this world is that we may learn to love. --George McDonald



Joyce said...

I identify with your mother... I'm a Mom, a Grandma, love God, have a few special friends....but sometimes that seems rather small........
Thanks for the encouragement today ! Perhaps I am fullfilling a worthwhile spot in life afterall.


Caroline said...

You're welcome! Heartily. And for what it's worth, you're a lovely person--worthy of your place in life. I could probably add to that list of what you are: minister's wife, counselor, maid, chef (you do create new dishes!), encourager, arbitrator. Enough?

Best . . .

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