Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Brainstorm Children

Double lightning.

Double lightning.

With all the reports of the horrible storm that came crashing through the U.S., it's no wonder my mind's in the "storm" mode. Ack, I'm not talking about storming anger, but writing. Yep, you gotta read another blog about writing. Today. You will read it, won't you? (Snarl, here.)

What I'm getting at: all writers need to brainstorm at times. Meaning, get together (whether by phone or person) with someone (s) else and discuss your ideas, thoughts, scenes, plots, characters, whatever.

Well, I've got me two great brainstorming helpers. Jam and Lyn are sweethearts at this game; I blogged about these two friends before. I've been mentoring them for over a year now. I'm great on teaching them the rudiments of writing, but they--well, let me just say, they are catching on quickly. And brainstorming? Perfect for the job. They never fail to come up with some great scenes and plots, they help tone up my characters' personalities, and set me straight when I'm failing in showing my characters as real people.

They're quick and intelligent, smart and funny, sweet and real. Perfect writing buddies for me.

Sometimes they're almost too quick to learn. I get paranoid (confession time). How can they pick up so much in so little time? But then, I've got to kick myself: it's my own fault; I'm the one who put off my writing (serious fiction writing) till now. So now that I've got to learn all the "new" rules, well, I've just gotta do it fast! I'm not getting any younger, that's for sure!

Thanks, Jam and Lyn, for your help in making my writing a little bit better.

Pet hints. Many of us love our pets--here's a few that may just make your life, and your pet's, a little easier:
  • To ease an upset stomach, put a little warm live yogurt and a drop of honey into bowl and this will help line the stomach.
  • For getting dogs to swallow pills: fold pill up in a small piece of cheese. The dogs swallow the cheese whole, take it happily, and you don't have to force the pill in! Works like a charm every time.
  • Dilute dog shampoo with water in an empty squeezy bottle, this way it lasts longer and goes through the coat easier. Start at shoulders and work backwards, leaving the head until last as it is this area which makes them shake.
  • A bin bag (plastic refuse bag) makes an ideal apron when washing dogs.

Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance. --Bruce Barton



Caroline said...

Howdy to myself. Cking something out.

DeeJay said...

Hmmm...talking to's a sure sign of a sick mind ya know.

What were you checking out?

Caroline said...

A friend was having trouble commenting. Cking to see if it was something on my blog, or . . . on her end. Moral of the story--her end. Be sure to follow all instructions! Make sense?

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