Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Problems and Solutions!

Hey, everyone. I've had computer problems all day until now (late afternoon!). So . . . in view of that, I haven't been able to check everyone's messages to see who entered & sent the right answer to the contest--until now.

AND we have a tie. Ann and Livia are the two with the correct answer.

The questions I asked:

Who was it? Patricia
What clue did Noah give her? He loved seniors
How did Ali fiture it out?
  • Patricia is a senior and likes dogs (including Noah).
  • Noah likes her because she's a senior and likes him.
  • She has tons of valuable articles in her home, so she would be interested in this book.
  • She used the distraction of her dog getting lose to send the staff scampering after him. It would only take a moment for her to reach into Ali's office and lift off the key to the case from the bulletin board. In minutes she would be following the staff and effectively hushing her dog's excited barking.

  • Terri is not a senior, in spite of her hatred of Ali.
  • Neither is Joshua in spite of his capability of stealing to get money.

Being a senior was the main clue. If you notice, I wrote a lot about seniors in one way or other. Sometimes it was used to distract you (by mentioning so many different ones). The index cards and the bubble gum wrappers were red herrings. Lots of the people who visited the library either used index cards or chewed gum, but only three were actual possibilities: Patricia, Rev. Tattony, and Tommy Reece and Billy Mace (together). Ali had decided that Rev. Tattony couldn't be a suspect because he was a reverend and also because he was so generous in giving away books. Tommy and Billy were ornery enough to do it, but too feeble and slow to get away with it.

That left Patricia.
  • She owned valuables, some old
  • She loved dogs
  • She was a senior
  • I didn't mention her using index cards or chewing bubble gum--that should have been a dead give-away that she was a good suspect.

Tomorrow morning, hopefully, I'll have a second round ready for you two.
And thank you to all you emailed and commented with answers. Good job!

From quiet homes and first beginning out to the undiscovered ends. There's nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends. --Hilaire Belloc


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