Thursday, August 16, 2007


My writing conference is coming up next month. I have that familiar upset stomach from too much to do and uncertainty of what the future holds.

What have I done to prepare?

  • I have a novel for a critiquer to work on. Hopefully, the critique will be beneficial. I'll learn something, maybe receive encouragement, and step up a notch on my ladder to becoming an author.
  • I've got my conference fees paid for.
  • I've chosen the editors and agents I want to speak with. Through the year, I've been researching who should be the one I need to network with this year. Hopefully, I've made the right choices.
  • I've followed up on most of the invitations I received last year from editors and an agent. Given a little more time, I will make a second move on these.
  • I've learned of several other places that (in the near future) I'll be submitting to.
  • I've gained a little more confidence in my own writing and my ability, grown a thicker skin (probably not thick enough, but . . .) for all those critical remarks I may receive in the future.
  • I've taken to heart my two critique groups' critiques on my chapters I've submitted to them. They include: an agented critiquer and possibly a soon-to-be-published author (a woman who keeps my feet on the ground), a lady who won a very prestigious contest (who guides me when I err from writer's requirements), and some very good other critiquers who give me solid advice (good brainstormers, ideas infusers, and cheerer-ons).
My immediate goals for the rest of this year?
  • Entice an editor with a fantastic novel.
  • Finish the third novel of my West Virginia romance series. Let editor know of the second one and this third one NOW.
  • Finish the young adult novel (adoption issues). Send this fall.
  • Finish the cozy (mystery) and submit it NOW.
  • Possibly self-publish my children's character trait series (while submitting to children publishers).
  • Begin my second in my suspense series (Tara Layne and Hickory).
Will you be reading my novels anytime soon? My children's series will be ready this fall. We'll see about the rest. More on that later . . .

Two HB Pencils

Sigh. Preparing for conference is work. Writing a novel is work.
I love it!

Ever thought about keeping a journal? Now's the time to start! Here's a few thoughts about keeping a journal for your kitchen:
  • It can keep your family and home running smoothly.
  • Journaling is fun!
  • While working in the kitchen jot down notes about anything and everything: meals, to do list, future plans, lists, or even a creative thought.
  • Record your family's likes and dislikes. Children change. Men get tired of the same thing. Visitors will thank you when you remember what they can or can not eat.
  • Use for your kids' school lunches and menus!
  • Create a list of what foods are in season, prices, and availability.
  • Keep track of your cooking experiments.

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. --Albert Einstein



Yumanbing said...

Sounds like you're really busy. But that's good if you enjoy it, huh?

BTW, check out the new member of our family on DJ's blog. Her name is Gloria Rose, (aka Ruby Sue until she got her real name :)

Have fun getting ready for the conference.

Arlene said...

You are going to be busy but I know you love it. I wish you the best of luck. You are doing a great job.

Caroline said...

I am busy, but as long as I can stay fairly organized I'm okay. It's when I feel swamped that I start feeling like I'm wading in quicksand. Yikes, where's my pen & paper to start on another list? Laugh. Thanks for commenting, guys!

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