Monday, January 07, 2008

Not Dead

If any of you have checked this blog, I haven't died (yet!). I've been having server problems (enough to scream over. LOL) But finally, after talking to a million (slight exaggeration! Smile) "agents" of the telephone company, I think we've (with son #one's help) got it solved.

I heard back from the first person who won a December interview book, and she loved Molly Noble Bull's book "Winter Pearl." I told you she was a great writer and such a nice person. Molly deserves all the praise we can send her way!

We're getting a beautiful set of stairs in our house. That's part of the remodeling I moaned about in an earlier post. It's turning into what I believe will be a gorgeous focal point of attention when anyone enters our front door. I love it!

And warm weather today was a welcome relief from the cold last week. I let a couple of our outside dogs loose for about two and a half hours. They loved it. Mackie is such a sweet heart (mix bull terrier). When I was ready to tie him up, he came when I called and stood still till I hooked him up.

Molly (the chow mix) on the other hand, is old and hard hearing. She came when I motioned, but I'm sure she didn't realize I wanted to tie her up or she would have hid. She loves to be loose; can't have that. Remember when she went to the neighbors to visit and we had to look all over the place for her?

And, last for today: had a visitor today? Looked out the window this morning, and there on the back porch was a big fat raccoon eating the cat food. Snuggles, my fat gray and white, long-haired cat, sat on the edge of the porch watching Coonie. Probably wondering what the animal was eating all the food. Between me and Noah, we chased him off, but he'd better look out, cause hubby'll be after his hide if he's not careful!

After Christmas Shopping Hints:
  • Overstock items: look for less than the best known name brand models. Still good value items that stores are anxious to get off their shelves for clearage.
  • Soon-to-be-clearance items: Stores want to constantly stock new products, so they have to clear out current products from warehouses and stores as quickly as possible. Big savings here!
  • Gift Returns/Exchanges: Stores want to get rid of these as quickly as possible. Just make sure all contents of packages are present. Check to see all electrical items work before buying.
  • Old Display Models: Stay away from certain items, and make sure you can purchase an extended service plan for the unit, all accessories and the manual are included.
  • Product Service Comebacks: Displays that were damaged and repaired should have a sticker (looks like a UPC code placed on the unit itself).


There are people who have money and people who are rich. —Coco Chanel


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