Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dreamin' On

Got to thinking tonight (watch it! I saw that smirk!). What if you could have your dream vacation with whoever and wherever and whatever you want with you.

What would it be?


Not positive sure where I'd want to go, but here's some things I'd like there:


Cool breezes
Mostly sun, occasional rain with rainbow--gotta have some rainbows. Not too much lightning or thunder.

My pets
Family (well, most of the time!!)
friends (a few at a time, please. Can't handle all of you at once!)

Sometimes just hubby and me.

Nights out, riding, eating out, sitting and watching the stars and moon, talking, laughter, silence

Good books, including my Bible

Good food
Good water

My computer. Couldn't leave without that. Why, what if I got some good plots and thoughts to type?

Oh, yeah. (Blush here) I guess I'll have to have my cell phone.
No arguments now, I've got a good reason . . . what if my agent calls with "the call?"

You wouldn't want me to miss that on the dream vacation of my life, would you?

Happy dreams, folks.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. --Theodore Roosevelt


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