Monday, June 09, 2008

Favorite Memories

I remember:

  • all the wild flower bouquets hubby picks for me in the summer
  • apple blossom bouquets--some of my favorites
  • fishing and cooking out trips to the local lake in one town we lived in when our sons were little
  • the way Son #1 said "am i nal" for animal, when just a toddler
  • the way Son #2 wanted to have any ailments his dad had: hurt shoulder, ingrown toenail, etc.
  • all the fun times in the evening when we'd read books, have quizzes and talk
  • our boys piano teacher
  • traveling together
  • one of the first cars we had where the front seats "rocked" every time we had to hit the brakes hard!
  • snoopy
  • staring up at the waving tree branches
  • being scared of summer storms
  • the "accomplished" feeling of writing "the end" to my first finished manuscript
  • my first car
  • my ford mustang! A real hot rod
  • my beautiful wedding dress
  • the first time I fell in love with flute music
  • the big "snow wheels" one winter
  • my beige coat with the fur trim
  • Saxophone music from someone who knows how to play one
  • beautiful fireworks on July 4th and the way Lassie was so afraid of them
  • The way hubby flirts with me--still
  • computer college
  • the day I got my agent
  • laughing with friends
What do you remember with fondness?

A friend is someone who knows the song of your heart and can sing it back to you when you've forgotten the words. --unknown

Early Week Blessings!


DeeJay said...

Sweet memories. You are blessed. ; )

Christa said...

Beautiful memories....!!
Sherri gave me your blog url, so I added you to mine so I can remember to keep checking you out!!

Yumanbing said...

Sweet memories ... We were living in the "little house" and you had a boy doll named Mark. He was found on the back steps with his face permanently colored from the crayon marks that were sun-soaked into his plastic skin. It seems that I remember getting a good spanking for that! :)

Caroline said...

As you should have, bro! I don't even remember that. How tortured I was by an ornery bro. LOL I'm sure I was a little heathen (Hmmm)too.

Caroline said...

I am, aren't I, Deejay? One of my blessings is a sweet sister-in-law

Caroline said...

Christa, welcome! love having you here!

Christa said...

Thanks, my Ornery friend!! :)

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